Nemaslug Slug Killer

Nemaslug Slug Killer - Pest Control Nematodes.

Nemaslug Slug Killer controls all common species of small to medium sized slugs. Start your control regime early and you will be able to target the young slugs growing under the ground.

One application of Nemaslug Slug Killer provides at least six weeks control of slugs. This is generally enough time for seedlings and bedding plants to get well established. Nemaslug is easy to apply using a watering can and does not leave any unsightly residues.

Unlike some controls, Nemaslug continues to work well during wet weather - exactly when you need protection against slugs!

Staggered programmes are available for regular deliveries at 6 week intervals.

Nemaslug Slug Killer.....

Osmocote Slow Release Plant Food

Osmocote Slow Release Plant Food
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SB Plant Invigorator

Controls a wide range of important pests, including Whitefly, Aphid, Spider Mite and Mealybug.

Used by professional growers and gardeners worldwide.

SB Plant Invigorator
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FIGO connectors are the quickest, easiest and most versatile system for building garden structures. Available in packs of ten, with six 3-way connectors and four 4-way connectors per box.

Build your own garden frames to whatever size or shape you need, to protect those precious plants from garden pests, or provide support for climbing plants. FIGO is also perfect for raised bed systems.

Let your imagination take over and see what structures you can build in your garden to help your plants.

This Butterfly Netting is specifically designed to protect crops from large insect damage. The mesh size is 7mm to deter most insects and virtually all moths and butterflies, particularly the dreaded Cabbage Whites!.

It can also be used to protect brassicas against birds.

A black colour, this net is available in 4 different widths.
The material is very durable and should last at least 10 years

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Your kids will love them too, as they are perfect for building tunnels, wigwams, dens and tents!

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