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The Marigold Durango is a must-have plant for marigold lovers. This standout variety of French Anemone Marigolds grows sturdy stems, 8 to 12 inches tall. The stems develop two flowers apiece, with rich, deep green leaves and large, even boldly colored flowers. The edible flowers of the Marigold Durango are beneficial to bees and hoverflies and repel garden pests. Buds develop in early spring, and the plant continues to blossom vigorously all summer with deadheading. Marigold Durango requires full sun and minimal watering; budding may slow in extreme heat. Each pack contains 6 plants and are shipped in packs of 2.

  • Extra-large, brilliant flower heads make the Marigold Durango a standout among French marigold varietals.
  • Flowers bloom in the early season, and flower vigorously all summer long.
  • Marigolds grow large, sturdy stems that make the Durango ideal for planting in pots or as a statement flower in beds.
  • Low-maintenance plants require full sun and minimal watering.
  • Annual flowers can be planted outdoors as soon as the risk of frost has passed.
  • 2-inch plants ship ready-to-plant in 6-pack cells.

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