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Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana is a low-maintenance succulent that’s prized for its small, bright flowers, which bloom year round in a variety of colors. Kalanchoe makes a popular choice for a houseplant because its vivid blossoms appear when most other flowering plants are dormant. Kalanchoe also can brighten landscaping either as a container flower or border plant. Because it prefers dry, sandy soil, kalanchoe is easy to grow and requires little regular care. Plant ships with blooms and buds in a 4in or 2.5 mini pot.

  • Succulent features heads of small, vivid flowers that bloom year round. Large green leaves make kalanchoe an attractive accent even when flowers aren’t in bloom.
  • Easy-to-care for plants that prefer sandy soil and partial sun; water only when soil has completely dried out and deadhead expired blooms to encourage new blossoms.
  • Grow outdoors during summer months in zones 8 through 10, or all year in zone 11.
  • Plants grow 8 to 12 inches and are ideal for a bright landscape accent or as a cheerful houseplant.
  • Kalenchoe Blossfeliana is available in red, pink, orange or yellow.

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