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The Boston fern, nephrolepis exaltata, has long been a prized indoor or outdoor plant, thanks to its long, beautiful fronds and lacy foliage, which stays green year round. Boston ferns do require some special care, such as regular watering, damp soil, a humid atmosphere and regular pruning. Those who take the time to tend their Boston ferns, however, are rewarded with a beautiful and vivid addition to their homes, porches or gardens.

  • Long, lacy, bright green fronds add a pop and color of elegance to any porch, home or garden.
  • Popular houseplants or hanging porch plants.
  • Hardy perennial in zones 9 to 11, with leaves dying off during colder months to re-emerge each spring.
  • Fern requires damp soil, partial or full shade and humid atmosphere.
  • Fully mature plant ships in a 1-gallon pot.

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