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Ivy Needlepoint


Ivy Needlepoint
Ivy Needlepoint Ivy Needlepoint

Needlepoint Perfection Ivy provides the functionality of traditional English Ivy but with more delicate leaves, whose three-pronged shape is often referred to as “birdsfoot.” The ivy’s spread makes it ideal for ground cover, but its vines also can be trained to climb or trail, making it a stunning option for a garden accent. The evergreen plant grows well in sun or shade, but prefers moist, quality soil. Needlepoint Ivy tolerates environmental pollution, making it an excellent choice for an urban garden. Needlepoint Ivy spreads less aggressive than other varieties of English ivy, though it does require occasional pruning and training to keep it growing in desired locations. Each pack contains 6 plants and are shipped in packs of 2. 

  • Fine-leaved traditional English Ivy features light-veined, dark green three-lobed leaves in a birdsfoot shape.
  • Plants grow 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide, making Needlepoint Ivy ideal for ground cover.
  • Trailing, woody stems can be trained to climb trellises, garden walls or building structures, or they can be planted to cascade from hanging pots or over garden features.
  • Evergreen plant is hardy in zones 4 through 9, and thrives in both full sun and full shade.
  • 2-inch plants ship ready-to-plant in 6-pack cells.