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Cyclamen Cyclamen Cyclamen Cyclamen

Cyclamen Latinia is a beloved winter houseplant. Preferring cooler temperatures, Cyclamen Latinia sprouts stunning, compact foliage and large, bright flowers on long, sturdy stems September through April and will go dormant in late spring and summer months. Cyclamen Latinia is easy to care for, with active plants requiring watering only when the soil has gone completely dry. 

  • Cyclamen Latinia is a popular houseplant that comes to life September through April.
  • The plant features variegated, compact heart-shaped foliage and large, vibrant blooms on sturdy stems.
  • Cyclamen Latinia requires little care, preferring dry soil and moist air.
  • This Mediterranean plant will grow outdoors and is hardy is zones 7 and above.
  • Plants ship live in 4-inch pots.