Chilli Plants Scotch Bonnet Big Sun

Chilli Plants Scotch Bonnet Big Sun
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This item is not currently available to order.

Pack of 3 Scotch Bonnet Big Sun Jumbo Chilli Plug Plants.

When are these Chilli Plants available to order?

Delivery: This variety is a slower growing variety and will be available to order April onwards for immediate Delivery.
                Plants will be despatched mid-April onwards. The exact date will depend on growing conditions during the season.

For later deliveries -  May onwards please check back nearer the time.

About this variety

Chilli Scotch Bonnet is a popular Habanero type pepper. Big Sun is a hybrid version which measures 4cm long and 3cm wide.

It is very hot with strong pungency. Fruits turn from pale green to yellow-orange when mature.

Native to the carribean, it is an essential ingredient in their recipes. It needs a long warm growing season to fully ripen so is really for the greenhouse in the UK, however we have found this Big Sun variety to be one of the most reliable.

How are these plants supplied?

These chilli plants are supplied as jumbo pot ready plug plants. On delivery pot on into a minimum of a 10.5cm pot then grow on until they are considered large enough for planting in their final position.

When are Chilli Plants available?

The pack on this page is available to order for immediate delivery from March 1st to the June 7th.



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