Chilli Plants Ring Of Fire

Chilli Plants Ring Of Fire
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Pack of 3 Ring of Fire Chilli Plug Plants.

About this chilli variety

Ring of Fire produces small elongated-cone shaped very hot chilli peppers. They are 10cm long and pointed, ripening from green to red - getting hotter as they change colour

How are these plants supplied?

These chilli plants are supplied as pot ready plug plants. On delivery pot on into a minimum of a 9cm pot then grow on until they are considered large enough for planting in their final position.

Recommended Plant Spacing : 30cm Pots, space out as grow.

Dealing with your Chilli Plug Plants on delivery.

  • The chill plants will arrive in custom made boxes - with 3 plants to a bag inside. If you have ordered more than one variety there may be 2 varieties to a box, so be careful not to get the plants and labels mixed up!
  • Unpack the chilli plants and stand upright in a bowl, with approx 1cm of water, give 10 mins to soak up water and recover from the journey. Sometimes the plants can look at bit pale (so would you if you have been kept in a box for 2 days!!). Don't worry the plants will soon get their roots down and green up.
  • Pot the plants into a good quality compost into 9cm pots, during trials we have found that you will get the best from your plants in you mix in slow release fertiliser to give a nice steady feed.
  • The plugs can be planted down slightly into the compost, the chilli plants will send new roots out from the stem in a few weeks. So don't worry if the taller varieties look too tall, just plant them down a bit.
  • Place the new potted plants in a warm, light location to grow on, you will always get a better crop by keeping them in a greenhouse or conservatory to start with.
  • After a few weeks the plants will have grown to fill the pot, they can now be repotted, we recommend a 30cm pot. Again mix more slow release feriliser into the compost, this should then last you the growing season.
  • Place again in a warm light location and grow on, remember to allow pollinating insect access to your plants. If you have to you can place out later during July / August.
  • Remember to water regularly, but don't over do it and your Ring of Fire Chillies will be cropping come August.

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