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Welcome to PlantsByPost.com.

We are a family run business that has been growing various crops for over the last 50 years. Traditionally we have supplied the wholesale trade, however through our website we are delighted to offer the home gardener a wide range of vegetable plants and a selection of garden plants that have proven to be a success year after year.

With access to the latest plant breeding, we are constantly updating and adding to our range to bring you what we consider to be the best varieties, whilst insisting that taste also plays an important part in the selection process of the vegetables that we offer.

Photo Tour



The pictures above show our seeding area and germination room.

We use various automatic and manual seeding machines to ensure quick, but accurate placing of seeds in the cell trays. They are then placed in our temperature controlled room to germinate. Capable of holding upto 300,000 plants they will stay in here for up to 10 days depending on the speed that the seed germinates, after which the trays are moved to one of the main growing areas.

The young seedlings once removed from the germination room will be placed into an growing area that suits their needs.

Tender Plants such as Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, are placed in areas where we can provide frost protection when required. Hardier vegetable plants such as brassicas will be placed in cooler areas to prepare them for planting outside.

The young plants shown on the right are mainly bedding plants that will eventually be potted on for retail sales.



After growing on to a decent size, the plants will then be despatched to our customers as pot ready plants or will be potted on the nursery and grown on for sale as bigger plants later in the season.

We favour tunnels for our growing houses as we can adapt the climate in each tunnel to the plants requirements.  By opening up the tunnel sides as the plant growth advances, we can prepare the plants inside for planting out into garden.

The tunnel shown to the left holds approx 42,000 plants and is just one of many.

With all these plants on the nursery, it is handy to have a bit of help round the nursery. As well as having a good team of staff we have steadily invested in the latest automation to help us where possible.

An example shown in the picture to the left is the watering gantry. Nearly all watering on the nursery is done via these machines. As well as watering more uniformly than we can by hand, we can also apply feeds as required.


Now that you have seen a liitle bit where your plants are going to come , please feel free to browse our shop and order from a wide range of plants available for mail order.

Please note: we do not have a retail shop on our nursery. Thankyou.

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